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Street Fighter Five

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Beni_Best – Cammy Main

A Little About Beni:

Beni_Best has been playing Street Fighter competitively since 2009, playing (and winning) in almost every Street Fighter tournament taking place in Israel. He's also been participating in tournament across Europe. Since Street Fighter IV, Beni has been a Cammy main; a trend that he claims continues now into his Street Fighter V experience.

Why Street Fighter? “[It’s] the most popular and most competitive of all the fighting games.” Beni discusses that there are “the most tournaments” for Street Fighter, speaking to the competitive nature of the scene. It offers a lot of opportunities for a player to show their worth, and we’re excited to see Beni continue to rack up more accomplishments!

Catch Beni_Best streaming on Twitch here:

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Also be sure to stay close to his Twitter, where you can catch updates about what he’s up to!