Creation eSports Staff!

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Founder and Owner:

Omri "Great Old One" Pitaru: Founder & Owner at Creation eSports and an agent + content writer in the gaming industry.


Wojtek "WojPoj" Kuklinski: Creation eSports Content Manager and Recruiter. eSports fan, enjoying the competitive and casual sides of gaming. Writer, gamer, friend.

Connor "CJFoxy" Fox: Hi, I am CJFoxy i'm the graphic designer for Creation eSports.

"Painawakens" Belle: Social Media Manager. Just a girl who loves to play Dota and watch movies, also obsessed with art and social media. Artour Babaev for life. 

Content Team:

Jon "Kronek" Linkens: I write articles about video games! Currently pursuing video editing and graphic design ventures.

Ronald "Fuse" Yuen: E-Sports Journalist and I also do music.

Koji "Koji" Linx: Avid gamer and eSports enthusiast.  I love anime, food, and cute things.  Don't let my cold demeanor fool you, I'm just a very shy person.  

Social Media Team:

Alex "Aurace" Nguyen: Caster, Streamer, Social Media for Creation Esports, and overall competitive gamer! 

Will "FoeFox" Tolvo: Creation Esports Social Media Member with a love of nerd culture. Dark Souls fanatic and lover of all things competitive.

Jonathan "TYLAR5" Asplund: Social media member, general nerd and e-sports (CS:GO & HotS) fanatic. Also plays drums and other instruments on occasion. But first and foremost, a swedish viking!