High Noon Podcast - Competitive Overwatch

The High Noon Podcast is a Competitive, Funny, and On-The-Spot, podcast that discuss all things Overwatch! Hosted by @The_Blevins, @Fail3n, and D3ath_Bl0w, this trio of personalities will make sure you're up to speed on eSports' next hit title!

Below is an archived list of High Noon Podcast Episodes, updated weekly! Be sure to check back every Wenesday for the latest and greatest in Competitive Overwatch discussion!

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Episode 18 -  IDDQD-fence: too stronk

Episode 17 -  Welcome to Big Earl's!

Episode 16 -  Relevant and Timely Patch Discussion

Episode 15 -  It's Gonna Be Meiiiii

Episode 14 -  GG Jeff Kaplan

Episode 13 -  Do It, the Podcast I mean

Episode 12 -  Left, Right, Monkey

Episode 11 -  Please Report Us if You See Halo Content

Episode 10 -  I'm Going to Pretend I Hear You 

Episode 09 -  1v1 Kristi Leskinen in Halo 5

Episode 08 -  Call of Modern Halo Frame Ghost Ops 2

Episode 07 -  Blevins Hates Freedom - 2k16

Episode 06 -  MLGSPN, Coming Soon to a TV You Don't Watch

Episode 05 -  Just You and Jeff Kalpan 1v1'ing

Episode 04 -  Suicide... Lost the Lead

Episode 03 -  Jeff Kalpan Says if You Don't Like Kill Cam, You're an Idiot

Episode 02 -  Norfair is No Fair

Episode 01 -  Reaper Come in and Save Us

Episode 00 -  It's All Downhill from Here