June's Counter Strike Overview

Mon 4th Jul 2016 - 4:42am General

Striking the Counter Strike scene is the move of Luminoisty’s roster. Official as of the 1st of July, Luminosity’s current Counter Strike roster of Marcelo “Coldzera” David, Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo, Fernando “Fer” Alvarenga, Lincoln “FNX” Lau and Epitacio “Taco“ de Melo along with coach Winton “Zews” Prado and team manager Ricardo “Dead” Sinigaglia will be playing under the SK Gaming flag in Los Angeles. Their first official tournament under the SK name is the ESL One Major which will be in Cologne, Germany.


With their last major event being the European Championship Series, they faced off against the rising stars G2 in a best of 3.Punishing G2 in the early rounds in the first map, dust II, Luminosity asserted their dominance and confidence, however was short lived as g2 pulled ahead to win their first map 16-11. With the first map win, G2 stomped Luminosity’s defence to attain a staggering 7-0 lead. Finding a small break of momentum, Luminosity managed to pull through a few rounds, however Adil “Scream” Benrliton and Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro carried G2 to a comfortable 16-5 win, with 100 kills between the two. G2 took home the first prize of $250,000 and the title as the first ECS Champions.


The first aired Counter Strike tournament series, Eleague, made its debut in May, on TBS. This has brought a lot of  hype about the progress of e-Sports, especially Counter Strike and its progress over the few years. Over the past 6 weeks, 24 top tier teams are competing in the group stages for the most points to qualify for the playoffs in July. Consisting of 6 groups, Luminosity, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Astralis, Fnatic and NaVi are the winners of each group, from A-E respectively.

Turner Sports has announced the disqualification of the teams Luminosity and SK Gaming for being in violation of the entry rules of each team. Originaly the qualifying playoff spot was planned to be inherited by the players of the former Luminosity bracket, however, a petition from competiting teams and organisations, along with the overview of President Lenny Daniels, associate general counsel John Cooper and ELeague commissioner Min-Sik Ko to which the peitition was addressed, overrulled their plans to play under the SK Banner. The rules state that a team may not have any roster changes after entry submission and due to SK Gaming's team being eliminated approximately a month prior, they are in violation of the terms of aggreement. To add, Min-Sik Ko has also mentioned that there was no sanction for the Luminosity roster as was announced by the Luminosity Organisation. SK Gaming's in game leader Gabriel "Fallen" Toledo took to twitter to express his suprise and dissapointment with the decision.

Following a groups stage tournament like Eleague is CEVO season 10. Currently Creation e-Sports is in the group stage of the Season 10 qualifiers and is currently 2-3. They are currently playing against 156 registered teams. We here at Creation e-Sports know that they will work hard and continue to do well as they have been doing for the year. You can follow their games here!

Along with CEVO, Creation's CS:GO team is also in the Skylla CS:GO Tournament Series competing for a $1.5k prize pool against 15 other teams and on the 10th of July, the International Gaming Festival to be held in Serbia. 


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