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Fri 1st Jul 2016 - 2:06am General

For the past year, Beni “Beni_Best" Pomeranets has been performing exceptionally well, even if unlucky at times. Recently, Beni has taken part in 2016’s edition of the Moscow Fighting Arena. Taking part in a Capcom Pro Tour Event against large names as Problem X, Beni performed outstandingly well in the group stage. During the group stage, unfortunately, Beni’s fight stick broke, and thus he was unable to compete at 100%, and fell just short of the top 8. Beni was confident that if his stick didn’t break, he would have been able to make the top 8 easily.

Putting that unfortunate event behind, Beni participated in No Sound Gaming’s Summer Tournament. Being a small tournament, Beni excelled, not dropping a single game. He took the first place prize of 75 euros, as well as adding another win to his name.

Next for Beni is the Evolution Championship Series 2016, which will be held in Las Vegas Nevada on the 15-17 of July, where he will be participating against top Street fighter players in this ranked Capcom Pro Tour event.

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