Counter Strike adds a new case!

Thu 16th Jun 2016 - 7:19am General

Counter Strike Global Offensive’s new update has brought in a few additional changes and tweaks, however many are hyped mainly for the introduction of the new case ; the Gamma Case. With the issued update on June the 15, the gamma case offers 17 community created skins and most excitedly, 6 brand new knife finishes.

With this update there are also many small adjustments made, with these being the most notable:

Prime Matchmaking

  • - Accounts will be made prime once a verified phone number is validated and the user’s account is at least Lieutenant Rank 21
  • - Prime members can now selectively chose to match only with other prime members im Matchmaking.
  • - All members in a lobby must have prime for the option to be made available to search for solely prime members.



  • -  Reduced distortion for the Mag 7, Nagev and M249 as well as an upgraded sound fidelity
  • -  Updated Smoke grenade sound to reduce interference between bomb defusal
  • -  New sound cue when shooting with low ammo
  • -  New text chat messages within a party



  • -  New players will gain a significant experience boost in recruit and private ranks.
  • -  New players can now access Match making at level 2



  • -  A player controlling a bot and surviving is eligible for end of round money
  • -  Money earned by player mid round in classic game modes will not be available to be spent on the same round
  • -  Compensation for Suicide or disconnection will no longer be awarded during the warmup time


For a full briefing of these updates you can visit them here.

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