Beni_Best at Stunfest 2016

Tue 24th May 2016 - 6:36am General

Representing Creation e-Sports at Stunfest 2016 was the Israeli native Beni “Beni_Best" Pomeranets. Proving to be a worthy contender, Beni played through the singles of the Capcom Pro Tour, consisting of 512 participants.

Beni’s first game was against the top japanese tier player Keita “RZR| Fuudo”  Ai, who mains Fei Long. Beni, playing Cammy, lost to Fuudo 2-1 and was knocked down to the losers’ bracket.

Despite being in the losers’ bracket, it did not deter his confidence as he pushed on to comfortably defeat  Chien_Du_Bitume 2-0. He went on further on an amazing win strea; not dropping a single game, defeating 4 more participants in his bracket. However, constant playing wore him down, as they were so many competitors and only a few days. Beni lost to Loubd0gg, a player from Pays-Bas.

Creation e-Sports is proud of Beni for how far he’s gotten, especially defeating most of the EU players that he has faced up against. If it had not been for long days of games, Beni would have surely done massively better and made it through the group stages; since Beni would have had to play 10 matches in his bracket. Beni looks to continue practicing, with his sights on EVO 2016 this July.

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