Interview with Fnatic Morte - King of the Watch EU Week 1 Preview!

Sat 5th Dec 2015 - 4:59am Gaming




With the upcoming Creation eSports King of the Watch Tournament, I had the opportunity to interview Fnatic Morte, Captain for the Fnatic Overwatch team competing this week!
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I asked Morte to describe a little bit of himself and the Fnatic team:

“Our team has been together for a very long time now…” Morte stated. “Together we’ve mostly played the Battlefield franchise but we’ve made quite a few switches to different titles over the past few years (quite successfully I might add - humble brag).”

Morte mentioned that the team has players “from all over Europe”, including places such as “the Netherlands, Estonia, Russia, and Spain”. All the players “speak English fluently” (much luck to myself, as it made the interview as smooth as a breeze). Morte noted that the team’s “communication and teamwork have grown to become pretty amazing”.


I also inquired about Morte’s thoughts on Overwatch, and how he feels about it being a competitive game:

“I’m pretty sure Overwatch has a bright future in the eSports scene”. Morte described Overwatch as having “elements from all major eSports titles. Teamwork being the most important, drafting (team composition)… and obviously individual skill”. Morte described Overwatch as “a… FPS version of League of Legends / Dota 2… Compared with the latest title we’ve played (Battlefield 4), this is a huge step up…. The game just feels smoother and more tailored to fit any kind of competitive play.”


When asked about his favorite Overwatch Character:

“…I like playing Junkrat, but he is rarely used (if ever) in competitive play.” I asked Morte what character we’d see him play in his upcoming tournament: “You will see me playing Mercy – she is too strong to be switched out… I really hope she gets nerfed sometime soon”. Morte’s remarked that he hear’s the phrase “Heroes never die!” in his sleep… If he’s been playing Mercy enough to hear that in his sleep, I’m sure his Mercy play will reflect that amount of practice in game!

Which is too bad, because with all that practice, it’s a shame that Morte “hope[s] she gets nerfed sometime soon.”


Morte wishes everyone watching this upcoming tournament to “have fun!”, and I know for certain that’s what we’ll be doing. Make sure to catch Morte and the rest of the Fnatic team take on K1ck Gaming, Saturday, December 5th, at 10 PM CET/1 PM PST/4 EST. You can watch it here:


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“Our team just clicks, we have a lot of fun together and winning is all that matters.” – Fnatic Morte




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