King of the Watch - We Take Our Project to the Beach!

Fri 5th Aug 2016 - 2:12pm Gaming

Another scuffle led us to a re-writing of King of the Watch history last week; with reigning Kings WeUnited having to bow out to an emergency, The Power That Be decided to reinstate previous high level contender Prets as the champion. Challengers ExAequo upset The Gatekeepers in a clean sweep, and even gave Prets a run for their money in a hard fought 4-3 loss. With Prets holding firm to the crown, we move forward with two new challengers this week.

The first challenger is Team Project, who has shown some promise as a cusp top-ten Overwatch team. They have, in fact, beaten our reigning kings in a recent weekly, and will look to repeat that performance (although, this time in a best of 7 fashion), in order to overthrow the crown.
First, however, they will have to go through our second challenger, Bikini Beach eSports. It’s safe to say that Bikini Beach has a lot of experience against top European teams in the competitive scene. Their actual performance against these teams, however, leaves much to be desired. They’ll definitely be looking to stabilize this week, and start moving through the ranks to the top.

The name of the game is Stopwatch: Both teams will play offense and defense on the same map. Teams play to complete the map in the fastest time they can manage. If both teams fail to complete the map on offense, the match is judged by which team progressed to the furthest objective.

King of the Watch will enforce a One Hero Limit in it's matches.

Two challenger teams will play in a Best of 3 (Bo3) series, in order to proceed to a Best of 7 (Bo7) match with the current champion.

Currently, all maps are allowed.

The loser of a map picks the next map.

The first map played in the Challenger Head to Head (Bo3) will be decided by the Tournament Organizers. Challenger is granted first map choice in the Best of 7. 

The champion earns bragging rights as King of the Watch, alongside a whopping $300 for the team! The losing team gets to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to improve for next time…


The Tournament will be casted by “JoRoSaR” (@JoRoSaR) and “AskJoshy” (@AskJoshy).

You can catch the tournament at our new home:

Friday, August 5th, 2016 10pm CEST/9pm BST/3pm CDT/1pm PDT

Times vary per week, depending on region and circumstance.

Be sure to stay tied to our social media for the latest Creation eSports updates, especially for this weekend’s events!





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