Competitive Update: Number 1 in EU

Wed 13th Jul 2016 - 12:20am Gaming

If you didn't know

If you aren't familiar with the names: Draceus, art1er, LiNkzr, Numlocked, Bromas, and ToxikeN then I'm going to need you to get with the program.  Creation eSports has been declared number 1 in EU and third in world standings according to  Last week, July 4th, the boys took an impressive 3-0 victory against the incredibly formidable Rogue in Le Choix Des Champions: ASUS ROG 10th Anniversary tournament in France.  They took home a well-deserved trophy and looked ahead to further competition.

The victory was short-lived, however as Rogue came back with a vengeance with a 1-2 win against us.  Coming off the loss against Rogue, we lose two more against Reunited in the GosuGamers Overwatch Weeklies #15, just days ago.  Despite the two losses against a couple of incredible teams, July is looking to be a good month for our competitive team.  

The ESL Atlantic EU Qualifiers is still underway with Creation eSports beating out Redskin and Bikini Beach eSports consecutively to move on to the next round of qualifiers.  The prize pool is $100,000 and the boys are holding nothing back against the competition... or, are they?   

ESL Atlantic isn't the only tournament in town, as more action is guaranteed to happen soon with, The Battle, an online tournament begins its third qualifier today!  Creation eSports will meet Melty OW for the first time in July in the first round.  Good luck boys!  You can do it!

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Kojirou Nagashima

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  • That is great and congratulations to the team for becoming number 1 in EU. You people have really worked hard to become number one and third in the world. I do dissertation reviews and have been great fan of your work I liked the way you design and try to keep those games as real is awesome. All the very best to your team for future.
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  • Great work ! Now we are waiting what happens in Köln :) should buy some nitros thouhgt :P

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