King of the Watch - NA's Scene, nuff said?

Fri 10th Jun 2016 - 3:15am Gaming

For the first time in memory, the King of the Watch Tournament has a North American Team sitting atop it's throne. Ok, Team EnVyUs might have a roster that currently sports a lot of European players, with Internethulk headlining from Germany. In fact, Tailspin is the only player to hail from NA. That aside, it's exciting to see that two regions are playing rather competitively against each other, as powerhouses like Cloud 9 and Reunited exist to speak for both sides of the pond.

That being said, we did see quite a spectacular 4-0 sweep of EnVyUs over Reunited last week, topping the arguably #1 European team. EnVyUs has recently solidified their serious championship contender attitude in the Overwatch team, which is something we all expected out of the Internethulk/Tailspin duo. They look to defend their crown this week, as newcomer VapeNation looks to take the fast track into the competitive scene. We have yet to see what potential exists for the new team, but it's may be a possiblity that they smoke one of Overwatch's most dominant teams.

Ok, I'll go ahead and end it there after that one. I'd say I'm sorry, but now you can say "We get it bro, you pun".


The name of the game is Stopwatch: Both teams will play offense and defense on the same map. Teams play to complete the map in the fastest time they can manage. If both teams fail to complete the map on offense, the match is judged by which team progressed to the furthest objective.

Best of 7 (Bo7) series, allowing all available maps. First team to win four sets takes home the match and the crown!


Currently, all maps are allowed.

The loser of a map picks the next map.

Challenger is granted first map choice in the Best of 7.


The champion earns bragging rights as King of the Watch, alongside a whopping $300 for the team! The losing team gets to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to improve for next time…

Creation eSports wants to remind everyone about the support the tournament receives from Matcherino! (@Matcherino). Matcherino offers the opportunity to donate to the tournament prize pool! Be sure to catch the announcement in stream chat to donate a free $1 thanks to Matcherino!


The Tournament will be casted by “JoRoSaR” (@JoRoSaR) and “AskJoshy” (@AskJoshy).

You can catch the tournament at our new home:


Friday, June 10rd, 2016 10pm CEST/9pm BST/3pm CDT/1pm PDT

Times vary per week, depending on region and circumstance.


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