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Thu 26th May 2016 - 5:24am Gaming

Alright, I know it feels like forever since we’ve been able to host a King of the Watch tournament, seeing as it’s hard to host an event for a game that wasn’t even released. We hoped you had found something productive to do while waiting for Overwatch to come back- we sure did! And now that it’s back, it’s literally all we’ve been doing.

Ok, so, not actually literally. We’ve had some other interesting things transpire, like the announcement of our new CS:GO team! But, even more exciting, is that our Overwatch team will be competing in this weekend’s TakeOver, an Overwatch LAN hosted by TakeTV! Fans of Overwatch in Germany can expect to see all of our players there, and we look forward to the chance of meeting everyone! And, if you’re not lucky enough to be in Germany at that time, you can always watch us compete against some of the top Overwatch teams on Twitch, May 27th-29th!

Of course, this means that we won’t be able to host a King of the Watch tournament this weekend (something something about teams being busy with tournaments all weekend), but we do plan on picking up right back where we left off next week, June 4th! So don’t worry, there will be plenty of upcoming Overwatch action!

And if the TakeTV LAN isn’t enough Overwatch for you (we know you’ll be playing it too), we encourage everyone to check out the Agents Rising Tournament, hosted by Esports Arena! This LAN will be played in North America, which may be better slotted to entertain NA Overwatch fans and players. It's even being casted by AskJoshy, a regular caster for Creation's very own KotW!

For those who literally can’t get enough competition, you can watch our CS:GO team play in Bosnia, at the Sarajevo Gaming Festival hosted by Nexus Fest! You can find out more information about that weekend’s event here, but beware, the site is in Bosnian, so you’ll need to be fluent (or just use a translator...)

Be sure to stay tied to our social media for the latest Creation eSports updates, especially for this weekend’s events!


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