Who are we?

Creation eSports is an aspiring eSports organization which plans to compete at the highest level.
Creation eSports was founded by Omri Pitaru in 2015, a content manager and agent in the industry.  


 Our Mission 


Compete at the highest possible level.
Grow eSports by being transparent and offereing both players and streamers fair contracts.
Organize charity events by using our influence in order to give back to the community. 


 Our Values 

Respect: We demand the best possible behaviour from our players and streamers alike. 
Growth: Improve the eSports industry as a whole and turn it into a legitimate sport. 
Excellence: Do your best and learn from your losses. 


Want to join the Creation Family?

Here at Creation eSports we are looking for a few different games and content creators to join our family, if you are any of the below head over to the information below to contact us:

League of Legends Team
Counter Strike Global Offensive Team
Rocket League Team
Graphics Designer

To join us or inquire about anything, please send an email to: umeranes@gmail.com